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Sandra Fayad Bsb
Minhocário de Palavras
Sandra Fayad 

I'm confused! 
As I distance myself from my equals, 
I hear the silent voices of vegetation 
And the heart racing of animals. 

Or is the opposite: 
The printed honesty in the wild look, 
The delicacy present in each plant, 
In my eyes, they stripped the man of his garment? 
I'm an animal? 
It may be that not much; 
Maybe I'm a vegetable 
  By ... charm. 
Understanding blinded my ignorance, 
Erased humus-trail
of the way,
Reversed beliefs, values​​, pseudo-certainties. 
Reformed me and my nest! 
Bsb, 06/03/2009
Sandra Fayad Bsb
Enviado por Sandra Fayad Bsb em 06/04/2014
Alterado em 06/04/2014
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