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Sandra Fayad Bsb
Minhocário de Palavras
Sandra Fayad
Effusive hugs,
Smiles, joy,
Fireworks, lot of sparkle,
Encounters, emotions ...
Glamour that repeats
Or creates
In feast of billion.
There are so many people celebrating
Perfectly in tune.
arms outstretched
For all nations
In the historical data,
Which marks the journey
Elected by Christendom
For their relations.
I send messages,
I answer calls,
I buy gifts,
I program trips
I embark on symphony
Of the good ones senders.
I am sending you a hug
With much euphoria,
And I wish that day-to-day
Get better your record,
You win benefits
And follow healthy
Eyeing on the trail
Of the Star tab.

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Sandra Fayad Bsb
Enviado por Sandra Fayad Bsb em 19/12/2013
Alterado em 19/12/2013
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